Company Profile

Oriental Packing was established in 1995 with the initial focus on printing paper bags and then producing various kinds of paper bags and tote bags, etc. Later, due to the change in industry trends, we expanded our business to the production of paper boxes and gift boxes in 2002, using paper packaging as the base and combining different materials and special processing techniques to improve our packaging technology again and again.

In 2005, we added a design department and moved from OED to ODM. With years of experience in OEM production, we have been deeply involved in every detail of design, from the plane, and structure to production and shipment. We are committed to providing our customers with a one-stop experience with our full consideration and attention in every step of the process.

In the beginning, Oriental Packing has been continuously working and optimizing quality, efficiency, and innovations, introducing one-stop automatic production equipment with handcraft, and improving the diversity of packaging technology and materials through continuous experimentations. As the market changes, after 2020 Oriental Packing is introducing more advanced intelligent automatic production equipment to keep improving our technology and strength. Oriental Packing always aims to be "your best partner" through active efforts and optimization.

Our commitment is not only to quality service but also to strictly monitoring the overall environment. So far, we have successfully obtained many certifications such as ISO22000 management certification, HACCP certification, SEDEX certification, G7 calibration system, and control color quality certification, to provide a safe working environment and more reliable production conditions.

Oriental Packing is always seeking enhancement to develop and has a comprehensive grasp of the important package-related resources for further international economic cooperation as well as to establish overseas sales points to build long business relationships based on mutual benefit with our customers.

Our mission has always been to be environmentally friendly. We are committed to protecting the earth and respecting the environment and ecology, emphasizing issues such as energy saving, carbon reduction, environmental protection, and recycling. We also follow the FSC Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification standards in our workflow to help achieve environmental protection, sustainability, and ecological protection of forest management. For more information, please visit our official website: