Rigid Cardboard Boxes

In the world of packaging design, rigid boxes undeniably stand as an attractive choice. With their structural stability and refined appearance, these boxes have won over consumers by offering the possibility to showcase products in all their glory. Whether it's fine jewelry or unique crafts, rigid boxes not only provide the best protection but also present the product's texture and characteristics in a unique form.

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Types of Rigid Boxes

Within the big family of rigid boxes, we offer a multitude of unique designs to cater to various packaging needs. 

  • Two Piece Folding Boxes (Set Up Boxes): composed of two parts that open and close freely, providing an elegant and noble feeling. Opening such a rigid box is like stepping into a new world, with each unboxing experience a new exploration and surprise.

  • Collapsible Rigid Boxes: known for their convenience in folding, saving space, and facilitating transportation. No matter where you want to place it or where you want to take it, it's incredibly convenient. 

  • Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes: offer another special design, attracting many consumers with their unique opening mechanism. The magnetic attraction not only makes opening and closing more convenient but also adds a sense of mystery and high-tech appeal.

  • Rigid Drawer Boxes: unique design brings a sense of surprise as the user opens the box, like opening a mysterious drawer, not knowing what you'll find, but knowing it will be a unique surprise.

  • Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes: the true works of Art. These rigid boxes consist of three parts, each designed and made with careful attention to detail, marveling at its unique craftsmanship. Whether it's the exterior, interior design, or even the corners of the box, they're filled with detailed charm. Opening such a box, you'll find each part a visual delight.

  • Round-shaped Rigid Boxes: unique for their smooth edges and distinctive shape. These rigid boxes can not only protect the items inside but can also serve as decoration. Whether placed on a bookshelf or bedside table, they can become a unique decoration.

  • Jewelry & Accessories Rigid Boxes: designed specifically for jewelry and accessories. These rigid boxes not only provide strong protection but also high visibility. When you open such a box, the jewelry and accessories inside seem to be perfectly displayed, capturing the viewer's attention.


Custom Rigid Boxes Service

At Oriental Packing, we meet your various packaging needs with innovation and professional design. We not only offer a variety of different rigid box options but also provide custom rigid box services according to your needs. We believe that good packaging can not only protect the product but also enhance the product's value. Therefore, no matter what kind of rigid boxes you need, we can provide you with the best solution. Let us work together to make your product packaging stand out!