CSR Human Rights Policy

To ensure a safe working environment, employees are treated with respect and dignity, and business operations that promote environmental protection and ethical practices, Oriental Packing has established relevant policies and requires all employees to abide by this policy, as well as comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates; We expect to drive continuous improvement through collaboration, communication and management with employees, collaborators, suppliers, and other partners.


Oriental Packing is committed to upholding the human rights of workers and respecting them by internationally recognized standards. This applies to all workers, including temporary workers, migrant workers, students, contract workers, direct employees, and any other type of labor.

  1. Freedom of choice of employment:

    All work shall be voluntary and workers shall have the right to freely leave or terminate their employment at any time. Employers or intermediaries shall not withhold or otherwise destroy, conceal, confiscate, or deny access to an employee's identity card or immigration documents.

  2. Prohibition of Child Labor:

    Child labor shall not be used in any manufacturing process. "Child labor" means the employment of any person under the age of 16, under the age of compulsory education, or the minimum age for employment in that country/region (whichever is the oldest of the three specified ages). Legal workplace learning programs that comply with all laws and regulations are not included.

  3. Young workers:

    Workers under the age of 18 (young workers) shall not perform work that may endanger their health or safety, including night duty or overtime work. The Company shall provide appropriate support and training to all student workers.

  4. Working hours:

    According to relevant business practice studies, reduced productivity increased staff turnover, and increased injuries and illnesses are significantly associated with worker fatigue. Therefore, the number of hours worked should not exceed the maximum allowed by local law.

  5. Wages and Benefits:

    Wages paid to workers shall comply with all relevant wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, and statutory benefits. Employment of temporary workers dispatched workers, and outsourced workers must comply with local laws.

  6. Humane Treatment:

    Employees shall not be treated harshly and inhumanely, including any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical punishment, mental or physical pressure, or verbal abuse; nor shall they be threatened with any such conduct. Disciplinary policies and procedures must be clearly defined and communicated to employees.

  7. Non-discrimination:

    Oriental Packing is committed to freeing employees from harassment and unlawful discrimination. The Company shall not discriminate against employees in hiring or in the performance of their duties based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race or ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, group affiliation, veteran status, protected genetic information, or marital status. In addition, employees or prospective employees shall not be subjected to medical tests or physical examinations that are discriminatory in nature.

  8. Freedom of Association:

    Under labor-related laws, companies should respect the right of all employees to form and participate in unions of their choice, to bargain collectively, and to participate in peaceful assemblies, and should also respect the right of employees to refrain from such activities. Employees and/or their representatives should be able to communicate openly and share their thoughts and concerns with management regarding working conditions and management practices without fear of discrimination, retaliation, threats, or harassment.

  9. Appeal mechanism and channels:

    To protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and promote harmony between labor and management, the company has specially formulated guidelines for employee complaints and provided a smooth appeal channel.

Supplier Social Responsibility:

Oriental Packing has started to plan and promote the regulation of CSR and expects suppliers to understand the international standard of CSR and commit to meeting its requirements.

  1. The Company shall comply with the labor-related laws and regulations of the country and the requirements of the social responsibility clause in the International Standards for Social Responsibility to meet and comply with the requirements of the external SA8000 International Standards for Social Responsibility and BSCI Social Responsibility.
  2. Main domestic labor laws and regulations of the country: Labor Standards Act, Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act, Act of Gender Equality in Employment, Occupational Safety and Health Act, The Law of Occupational Safety and Hygiene, and other related laws and regulations.
  3. Corporate social responsibility is formulated following the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with the ultimate goal of improving the working environment and working conditions of global workers.
  4. To operate with integrity and protect the rights and interests of stakeholders; to prevent the occurrence of dishonest acts that may affect the rights and interests of stakeholders.

CSR Health and Safety

All Orient Packing should recognize that in addition to minimizing work-related injuries and illnesses, a safe and healthy work environment helps improve product and service quality, production stability, and employee loyalty and morale. All units and supervisors in the company should also recognize that continuous collection of employee feedback and investment in employee education are the keys to identifying and addressing health and safety issues in the workplace.

  1. Occupational safety:

    Identify and assess and control potential workplace safety hazards so as not to compromise worker safety through proper design, engineering and administrative controls, preventive maintenance and safe operating procedures, and ongoing safety knowledge training; Employees are also provided with appropriate and well-maintained personal protective equipment and educational materials regarding these hazardous incidents and associated risks.

  2. Emergency preparedness:

    Identify and assess potential emergencies and events and minimize their impact by regularly implementing contingency plans and response procedures.

  3. Workplace injuries and occupational diseases:

    Prevent, manage, track and report workplace injuries and occupational diseases through appropriate design, engineering, and administrative control systems and provide necessary treatment assistance; investigate cases and implement corrective action to eliminate similar conditions, and assist employees in returning to work.

  4. Industrial hygiene:

    Identify, evaluate, and control the effects of hazards on employees based on the level of control. Potential hazards are eliminated or controlled through appropriate design, engineering, and administrative controls, and employees are provided with appropriate, properly maintained personal protective equipment for use.

  5. Manual labor work:

    Identify, assess, and control the impact of physical labor on employees, including manual handling of materials or repetitive lifting, prolonged standing, and highly repetitive or intense assembly work.

  6. Machine protection:

    Assess the safety hazards of production equipment or other types of machinery. Physical guards, interlocking devices, and barriers should be provided and properly maintained to prevent possible injury to employees from machinery.

  7. Public hygiene and accommodation:

    Oriental Packing provides clean restroom facilities, regularly tested drinking water, sanitary cooking utensils, food storage facilities, and utensils for employees. Employee housing provided by suppliers or labor intermediaries shall be clean, and safe, and provide legal fire protection, appropriate emergency exits, hot water for showers, adequate lighting, heating and ventilation, separate and secure areas for storage of personal items and valuables, and appropriate and easily accessible private space.

  8. Health and safety communication:

    Oriental Packing provides employees with regular health checks, health, and safety promotion, and appropriate occupational health and safety information and training in the language spoken or understood by employees to identify all workplace hazards to which they are exposed.

  9. Natural disaster risk mitigation:

    Understand the potential for natural disasters at the plant site and assess the likelihood and severity of personnel injury, property damage, and business interruption. Based on the assessment results, natural disaster risks are mitigated by establishing hardware protection, developing contingency procedures, training and exercises, and implementing emergency response plans.