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The design of the Hafren Fasteners product tool boxes cleverly utilizes an integrated forming method in its structure, echoing the brand's 100% recycling and reuse environmental philosophy. We've carefully considered different customer usage habits, especially in the way the product is opened. Every minute detail is meticulously catered to by Oriental Packing's structural design. This innovative and practical packaging design effectively bridges the gap between usability and sustainability, making the experience of using the tool box seamless and environmentally friendly.

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Design Manufacture by ORIENTAL PACKING
Size 4.5x4.5x9/ 9x4.5x9/ 9x9x9/ 9x9x13.5/ 9x9x18/ 9x9x22.5
Paper Type CCNB、Corrugated paper
Processing PMS/Anti-Scratch Matt Varnish
Industrial Use Electronics & Tools


Our commitment is not only to quality service but also to strictly monitoring the overall environment. So far, we have successfully obtained many certifications such as ISO22000 management certification, HACCP certification, SEDEX certification, G7 calibration system, and control color quality certification, to provide a safe working environment and more reliable production conditions. Oriental Packing is always seeking enhancement to develop and has a comprehensive grasp of the important package-related resources for further international economic cooperation as well as to establish overseas sales points to build long business relationships based on mutual benefit with our customers.

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