Hayashi Department Store:Pineapple Pie Gift Boxes


The newborn elevator

Hayashi Department Store's most talked-about feature is undoubtedly its elevator (cage lift). This architectural element stood as a beacon of modernity, marking Lin as one of the first venues in southern Taiwan to incorporate such technology. The elevator, beyond a mere utility, represented the advent of Taiwan's modern era. For the locals of Tainan, a trip to the Hayashi Department Store to 'ride the cage lift' was a novel and fashionable pastime. The Store's clock-like pendulum swings back and forth, reminding you of the full moon and moments of reunion each month. Tainan, forever waiting for your return.

Through our design, we aim to honor this cultural symbol, blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics to recapture the enchantment and nostalgia associated with Lin's iconic elevator. Evoking the thrill of the new, the charm of the old, and the timeless appeal of reunion – our design aspires to create an experience as unique and memorable as the city of Tainan itself.

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Design Manufacture by ORIENTAL PACKING
Size 24*17.6*6.7cm
Paper Type Outer Box: Art Paper
Frame: Art Paper
Inner Box: FBB、Tracing Papers
Processing CMYK、Hot Foil Stamping
Industrial Use E-COMMERCE
Usage Chinese Cake Product Packaging

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