ONE & ONLY ARTISAN BAKERY : Egg Yolk Pastry Product Packages


The color red, akin to fresh blood, represents auspiciousness, celebration, and happiness. As the primary color scheme coupled with a simple logo text, it embodies the spirit of Oriental Han Cake. Our design concept takes this into account and further enhances it. By using a bold red background, we accentuate the vibrancy and energy inherent in the Oriental Han Cake brand. The simple logo text then stands out against this backdrop, creating a striking visual that emphasizes the brand's auspicious and joyful associations. This combination perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Oriental Han Cake - a symbol of festivity, prosperity, and pure joy. Our design aims to capture this spirit in every detail, ensuring a cohesive, powerful, and memorable visual identity for Oriental Han Cake.

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Design Manufacture and Design by ORIENTAL PACKING
Size Customized made by demand
Paper Type SBS (Food Grade Paper)
Processing PMS
Industrial Use BAKERY & CAKE
Usage Cake Gift Packaging

Remark : This size is just for your reference, we can make any size for you

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