ONE & ONLY ARTISAN BAKERY : Lemon Moon Pastry Packages


Our design concept is a fusion of pop art style and lemon elements, arranged in a continuous pattern. The refreshing combination of green and yellow color palette signifies the crispy biscuit crust mingling with the fresh aroma of lemon. The red color, resembling the vibrancy of fresh blood, symbolizes auspiciousness, celebration, and happiness. Paired with the red backdrop and minimalist logo text, this design enhances the spirit of "One & Only Artisan" Oriental pastries. This concept is a creative representation of a cultural classic, reimagined through a contemporary lens, demonstrating our commitment to bringing unique and innovative design solutions while preserving the artisanal spirit.

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Design Manufacture and Design by ORIENTAL PACKING
Size Customized made by demand
Paper Type SBS (Food Grade Paper)
Processing CMYK
Industrial Use BAKERY & CAKE
Usage Cake Gift Packaging

Remark : This size is just for your reference, we can make any size for you

We can manufacture nearly any size.
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