ONE & ONLY ARTISAN BAKERY : Tea Infused Pineapple Egg Yolk Shortcake Packages


Our design is inspired by the mythical phoenix, with feathers and tea leaves forming lifelike lines. The lines of the phoenix, combined with embellishments of tea leaves and spots of ground tea leaf powder, ingeniously blend the fragrances of tea and pastries, bringing an exceptional aesthetic appeal. "One & Only Artisan" is the embodiment of this concept. In our design, we envision the phoenix as the symbol of perfection and rebirth, tying it with the artisan's unwavering dedication to the craft. The amalgamation of tea leaves and pastries is not just about combining flavors but also about creating an unforgettable experience. This is a design that truly captures the spirit of being one-of-a-kind, resonating with the essence of artisanal mastery.

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Design Manufacture and Design by ORIENTAL PACKING
Size Customized made by demand
Paper Type SBS (Food Grade Paper)
Processing PMS
Industrial Use BAKERY & CAKE
Usage Cake Gift Packaging

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