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The design concept is based on the store's slogan "Reading the world with bread". It is made in the shape of a lift-up book, just like a hardcover book, with the brand color "dark brown" as the base color. Rough and textured paper is the selected material, as if touching the soil, symbolizing the land of Taiwan.

It also conveys the brand spirit of "our bread is rooted in the land of Taiwan", and has the meaning of going deep into the production areas to carefully select, and helping farmers to sustain their roots. The image is arranged in the concept of a book cover, with the slogan and the award-winning bread as the main elements. The rose-gold hot stamping is used to give a sense of nostalgia. The box contains the award-winning bread, just like the story in the book. You can understand the master's persistence toward bread and his achievement through reading and tasting. Both the package's structural design and the image's presentation are echoed from the inside out, and it is worthy of collection. After consumption, the packaging can be reused. It is suitable for home decor, not only as a hardcover book display but also as a storage box.

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Design Manufacture by ORIENTAL PACKING
Size 28*33.4*11.5cm
Paper Type Dark coffee Art Paper
Processing Hot Foil Stamping
Industrial Use BAKERY & CAKE
Usage Bakery Product Packaging

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